Simple Pilot Logbook Pro

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Simple Pilot Logbook Pro (ad free version) is a tool designed to help in filling up the logbook. It allows you to save your most important data such as:

- GPS route of flights

【免費工具App】Simple Pilot Logbook Pro-APP點子

- the name of the task

- locations: start and destination

【免費工具App】Simple Pilot Logbook Pro-APP點子

- the name and designation of the aircraft

- selections: VFR / IFR

【免費工具App】Simple Pilot Logbook Pro-APP點子

- selections: Commander / co-pilot / instructor

- times of flights (start - landing)

In addition, the application has built-in logs :

【免費工具App】Simple Pilot Logbook Pro-APP點子

- sums up flight times for each day and offers the ability to export the details to a TXT file or a CSV (you can then import them into excel for example) or send to the specified emial address.

- you can see a summary of the following levels : years, months , days, tasks and flight. You can also check recorded GPS routes.

Individual GPS routes can be seen in the log by selecting a specific task and flight. You can manually choose to or not to save route.


【免費工具App】Simple Pilot Logbook Pro-APP點子

Quality of track recording depends directly on the quality of the GPS signal.

【免費工具App】Simple Pilot Logbook Pro-APP點子

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