SimpleHMI by SPLat

【免費工具App】SimpleHMI by SPLat-APP點子

SimpleHMI is an HMI terminal emulator designed specifically to allow embedded controllers like SPLat, and hobby products like Arduino, Basic Stamp, Propeller chip, Picaxe, Maximite, etc. to use an Android device as a touch screen Human-Machine Interface. While designed as a companion for SPLat embedded programmable controllers, we publish all the control codes to allow you to program other controllers to use SimpleHMI.

SimpleHMI features:

* Connects to Android device via BlueTooth

【免費工具App】SimpleHMI by SPLat-APP點子

* Flexible control over text placement

【免費工具App】SimpleHMI by SPLat-APP點子

* Flexible programmable buttons

【免費工具App】SimpleHMI by SPLat-APP點子

* Data entry

【免費工具App】SimpleHMI by SPLat-APP點子

* Bar graphs

【免費工具App】SimpleHMI by SPLat-APP點子

* Background images

【免費工具App】SimpleHMI by SPLat-APP點子

* Versatile data logging

【免費工具App】SimpleHMI by SPLat-APP點子

* Text to voice

【免費工具App】SimpleHMI by SPLat-APP點子

* All application specific programming is in the host controller, not in SimpleHMI.

【免費工具App】SimpleHMI by SPLat-APP點子

* Very compact code in the host controller.

* Also available as a Windows app, using a wired serial connection, with compatible behavior.

**** We would really like to know how you are using SimpleHMI.

**** We welcome suggestions for enhancements.

Note: SimpleHMI makes sense only if you intend to program a separate device (maybe a SPLat controller, an Arduino or some other small processor) to control it.

Programming a SPLat controller for SimpleHMI is ridiculously easy.

**** Please do not rate this app unless you truly understand its purpose. Let us know if you have any problems using it.

SimpleHMI is a trademark of SPLat Controls Pty Ltd.

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