Simply Crow-Shopping Discovery

【免費購物App】Simply Crow-Shopping Discovery-APP點子

Discover, share, and exchange your favorite shopping finds on your smartphone with friends and fellow shopaholics. Simply Crow is a location based social shopping information app. Welcome to the Shopaholics Commune at

【免費購物App】Simply Crow-Shopping Discovery-APP點子


Discover the best of shopping:

Explore the best shopping haunts and the hottest bargains in your city and across the globe. Get the latest trends, the best deals, great products and the finest store finds shared by shoppers like you and of course, our shopaholic editorial staffers.

【免費購物App】Simply Crow-Shopping Discovery-APP點子

Find what's right for you on the go...

Discover nearby stores, products and deals on the go, based on your GPS location with a simple click. Use the filter to view information based on your interests; whether its men's, women's apparel & accessories, gadgets, or home furnishing & décor. Your preferences matter!

【免費購物App】Simply Crow-Shopping Discovery-APP點子

Fun way to share your finds:

Share your shopping experiences and discoveries as seen through your eyes, with friends and people following you. Clicking photos and sharing them is so easy. What's more, like it, tag a comment or just share it with friends.

【免費購物App】Simply Crow-Shopping Discovery-APP點子

Get recommendations or be a self professed expert:

Know what your friends and fellow shoppers are buying and recommending. Seek advice from peers and experts on where and what to buy and what’s trending. Or better still, become the expert and command a fan following.

【免費購物App】Simply Crow-Shopping Discovery-APP點子

Social means 'like' shopping interests:

Grow your social shopping network and get to indulge yourself based on one simple thing; like shopping interests. Follow the most prolific contributors and trend-spotters to stay tuned in. Or have others follow you by contributing the best shopping information that people could use.

What's more? It's fun, easy and free!


- Share your latest products or special offers with your clients and the Simply Crow network very quickly using the app.

- Showcase your products better with our multi-photo feature. We allow you to post up to 5 photos per post.

- Auto geo-tagging (location enabling required) allows clients to discover your store and locate it easily. Leverage proximity to store through special offers or inducements to step in.

- Our social shopping network allows discovery and propagation to a much larger audience, well beyond your existing clientele.

All this is possible because of the razor sharp focus on shopping, and shopping alone. Shared shopping interests being the key criteria for the network.


We’d love to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns,

【免費購物App】Simply Crow-Shopping Discovery-APP點子

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【免費購物App】Simply Crow-Shopping Discovery-APP點子

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