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Singapore News: keep up to date with the latest news from ALL the leading Singapore newspapers, online blogs, and internet sites.

-are you a student abroad and need news from home?

-are you out of town and want to stay connected to the Singapore?

【免費新聞App】Singapore News-APP點子

-tired sifting through multiple internet sites for up to date news?

Then, Singapore News if for YOU!

1. get ALL your local Singapore news in ONE place

【免費新聞App】Singapore News-APP點子

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【免費新聞App】Singapore News-APP點子

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【免費新聞App】Singapore News-APP點子

6. READ articles from varied Singapore news sources:

7. WATCH video news streams from ZNS

【免費新聞App】Singapore News-APP點子

8.SHARE articles with your friends from inside the app

INSTALL Singapore News now to get connected, and stay connected.

【免費新聞App】Singapore News-APP點子

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