Sit-ups Workout Guide

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Check out why basic sit ups are probably the most often performed abdominal exercise. Sit ups are appropriate for all levels to help develop their abs - but they must be done correctly.

Abdominal sit ups are important because they help strengthen your abs and build up the core muscles of your trunk and pelvis which help to improve your posture, stability and overall balance.

【免費健康App】Sit-ups Workout Guide-APP點子

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The exercise starts with lying with the over on the floor, regularly with the knees bent trying to diminish weight on the back muscles and spine, and afterward lifting both the upper and lower spine from the floor until everything superior to the buttocks is not touching the ground.

【免費健康App】Sit-ups Workout Guide-APP點子

Sit-ups focus on the hip flexors, rectus abdominus furthermore work the iliopsoas, tensor fasciae latae, rectus femoris, sartorius, and, to a little degree, the obliques.

【免費健康App】Sit-ups Workout Guide-APP點子

Benefits of Sit-ups workouts

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