Skåne Travel

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Skåne Travel makes it easy to plan your journey with Skånetrafiken.

This application is well suited for both tourists and daily users since it comes in both English and Swedish.

You can easily search for departures from a specific stop or from your current position (GPS).

Choose when you want to depart or arrive.

There is also the possibility to save your favorite stops and journeys so you conveniently can access them with one click.

The search result is color coded so you quick and easy can see what color buss line you should take.

You also have access to real-time departures and more.

Brief list of features

【免費旅遊App】Skåne Travel-APP點子

- GPS location

- Favorite journeys and stops

- Multiple languages

- Stops near your current position

- Real-time departures

- Map that shows your journey

- Return trip button

- Advanced search options (also gets saved with your journeys)

- Home button to quickly return to the start page

- Search results in a list (optional) or pivot (default)

- Searching as you type (optional)

Please note that your favorites will be lost if you update from an older version than 1.4

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