Skateboarding Basics

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Want to skate like a pro but don't know how? This Vook mashes text instruction with outstanding videos to show you the way. Grab it, read it watch it, and you'll be up on your board, grinding in no time. The truth is, skateboarding requires much more than jumping onto four wheels tacked to a piece of plywood. Skating is a way of life. In this Vook, expert skater, Scot Schwartz, teaches you all the tricks, skills and lingo you need to know to take your skateboarding skills to the next level. Watch Scot in 10 videos as he shows you the ins and outs of trick skating, street skating, and cruising. Understand the terminology, the gear you need and even learn how to put together a board yourself. Amp up your skating and understand what it means to live and breathe skateboarding in this all-original skater's handVook. Get it today!

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