Skygd Safety Alarm is designed to give lone workers or private persons, who is at risk at ending up in unsecure environments or emergency, a possibility to quickly send off an alarm if you for example are under threat or has been injured in an accident. Skygd Alarm safely connects the alarm to a predefined receiver (could be a professional response centre, an internal operations centre or similar) which makes it possible to quickly initiate help.An alarm can be activated either through using the external wireless alarm button where you can activate the alarm without having the phone in your hand or directly on the phone by using the app on the screen. The wireless alarm button can be purchased separately from Skygd and connects easily over the air to your iPhone, once connected you can trigger an alarm as long as the phone is within range. When activating the alarm from the screen you can either hold down the on-screen button for 2 seconds to activate the alarm or via using the “Dead-man feature” alarm button, which allows you to press the screen until you trigger the alarm or deactivate the alarm when you are safe again.When an alarm is activated, a phone call is connected to the predefined receiver at the same time as the application transmit the exact location, user information and other status information from the phone to the response centre. The user information is combined with the pre-entered instructions on Skygds server so that the operator receives an as accurate and distinctive picture as possible about the measures that is needed to be done. On the contrary to most other applications that send alarm to friends, Skygd Safety Alarm normally sends the alarm to a response centre. The connection to the response centre goes through Skygds servers, please contact Skygd to get a full list of professional response centers that support Skygds products. To be able to use Skygd Safety alarm, the user needs to have an account on Skygds server where the user has added their profile and the instructions that should be performed when an alarm is triggered. To best aid a rescue team locating the person in distress, continued updates as well as a history of previous locations are provided to the response center while the alarm is active.



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