Skylines City

【免費街機App】Skylines City-APP點子

Skylines City is a super game to memorize all American cities by their appearance. It is not only fun but a challenge to remember and find all of them. The more you play the better you will know all these towns from their silhouette.

- 50+ challenging levels,

- perfect for learning cities and their names,

- you can submit your highest scores and find new friends in the Game Center,

- reach as many levels as you can to earn the most points,

- buy extra options to make the game a bit easier:

1: Get double the time to find out the exact city.

2: Minimize only to four option to select instead of the difficult six options.

【免費街機App】Skylines City-APP點子

【免費街機App】Skylines City-APP點子

【免費街機App】Skylines City-APP點子

【免費街機App】Skylines City-APP點子

【免費街機App】Skylines City-APP點子

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