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Say "Goodnight!" to your sleepless nights! When you can't sleep, run this app and feel yourself drift away into the restful slumber you've been dreaming about. Choose from several soothing sounds and calming backgrounds to make your night a pleasant night. It features a pre-loaded set of durations (including forever) for quick choosing, or simply enter your own time for easy customization. Allows for saving as many set-ups as you want and also a Quick Play feature that uses the last played setting. Great for adults, kids, and babies too! My 1 year old loves it (part of my inspiration for this app). Must-have for those who need steady noise to fall asleep.

• Endless looping

• Easy to customize duration of sound

• Several soothing nature sounds

【免費生活App】Sleep & Relax Free-APP點子

• Many calming picturesque backgrounds

• Savable configurations

• "Last Played" configuration


【免費生活App】Sleep & Relax Free-APP點子

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【免費生活App】Sleep & Relax Free-APP點子

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