SlideShow Plus

【免費攝影App】SlideShow Plus-APP點子

Slideshow Plus provides to you a lot of features requested by our users and even more.

Slideshow Plus uses all the most important capabilities of iOS device to turn your iPad or iPhone into a high quality App to use as a showcase of your photos. No doubt that powerful performance and visual effects, screen quality and touch screen controls of the all-purpose iOS device are definitely better than books to show your work to your clients.

【免費攝影App】SlideShow Plus-APP點子


Multiple options as a source (Wordpress plugin, Flickr, Local Albums, Camera Roll)

【免費攝影App】SlideShow Plus-APP點子

Explore, search and download Flickr photos

Camera roll photos as a source

【免費攝影App】SlideShow Plus-APP點子

Optimized for the large number of images

Thumbnails view

Full screen

【免費攝影App】SlideShow Plus-APP點子

Slide show mode or manual navigation

Various resize/fit modes to avoid borders or crop

【免費攝影App】SlideShow Plus-APP點子

Shuffle mode

Several slide effects

Slideshow interval can be chosen

【免費攝影App】SlideShow Plus-APP點子

Show time and date on screen

Share the photos on Facebook, Flickr, E-mail, AirPrint…

【免費攝影App】SlideShow Plus-APP點子

What else are you waiting for?

Slideshow Plus. Tiny amount of money for so many features in a single app.

【免費攝影App】SlideShow Plus-APP點子

Worth a try!!!

【免費攝影App】SlideShow Plus-APP點子

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