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Slim Polk is one of Agg Town's finest! Slim Polk is a artist that uses raw lyricism and breathes Agg Town through his music. Nothing short of authentic and the true definition of talking the talk while walking the walk. Music is a scapegoat from the world's hypocrites and turning music into therapy, releasing everything from his surroundings.

Slim Polk has been placing his stamp on the industry for years and is clawing his way to the top. Slim Polk has worked with artists like:..

Always pushing forward, drawing energy from his daughter. Keeping her in his prayers and remembering the importance of life. While keeping his eyes on his goals, running a label, producing artists and positioning them for success.

So who is Slim Polk? Agg Town bred, Texas grown, a down to earth person taking inspiration from his travels and environment. Catch Slim Polk in the trapp where there is no dance music.

【免費娛樂App】Slim Polk-APP點子

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