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The much-anticipated Crosby Sling Calculator is now available as a free app for your Android device!

The free version of the Sling Calculator provides 9 calculators for computing volume and weight of a load. An additional 6 calculators are available via in-app purchases to aid you in determining sling tensions, and calculating a load's center of gravity. Users of our popular PC-based Sling Calculator will find all of the functionality, and more, here in this newest addition to our suite of apps by The Crosby Group.

For computing the volume and weight of a load, you can choose between 9 different load shapes, indicating the dimensions and materials for each. Choose from over 50 common materials, or specify your own material properties. The Crosby Sling Calculator will compute the volume and the weight for the load, which can be viewed in the app, and the results can be emailed as a PDF.

For determining sling tensions, you can choose one of four common bridle configurations, specify the load's dimensions, directly specify or calculate the weight, and indicate the hitch parameters. The results are viewable in the app, and can then be emailed to you as a clear and concise printable PDF file, complete with a diagram and all of the load's dimensions, weight, and hitch information. You can choose between a 2-Leg Bridle, a 4-Leg Bridle, or a hitch with a Moveable Center of Gravity in a 2-Leg or 4-Leg Bridle configuration. The Free version of the Sling Calculator provides access to the 2-Leg Bridle, and other hitch types can be enabled via in-app purchases.

For calculating the load's center of gravity, you can choose between two different methods: by specifying the end weights of a given load, or by specifying the locations and weights of up to four loads placed upon a single pallet. By dragging and dropping, you can place a load in each of the four quadrants of the pallet, indicate the weight for each, and the Crosby Sling Calculator will determine the Center of Gravity for the entire pallet. Or, specify the weight of a single load as it is lifted onto each end, and determine the Center of Gravity that way. Either way, you can view the results and use the load for a 4-Leg Bridle hitch, or email the results as a PDF file.

By specifying your preferences when the app starts for the first time, or any time you are on the home screen, you can choose to work with the Crosby Sling Calculator in Feet and Inches, Decimal Feet, or Metric units, and indicate your preference for Horizontal Sling Angles (ASME) or Vertical Sling Angles (CEN). The Crosby Sling Calculator also displays tutorial messages, which you can turn off individually, or all at once from the app preferences. By indicating your default email address, you can send your PDF files directly to your inbox with just a single tap on the screen!

Here are the calculators that you get with the Free Crosby Sling Calculator:

Volume and Weights Calculators:

* Box (or Wedge)

* Box Non-Solid

* Cone

【免費生產應用App】Sling Calculator Free-APP點子

* Hollow Cone

* Cylinder

* Hollow Cylinder

【免費生產應用App】Sling Calculator Free-APP點子

* Sphere

* Hollow Sphere

* I-Beam

Sling Tension Calculators:

* 2-Leg Bridle

Available for In-App Purchase are the following:

Sling Tension Calculators:

* 4-Leg Bridle

【免費生產應用App】Sling Calculator Free-APP點子

* 2-Leg Bridle (Moveable COG)

* 4-Leg Bridle (Moveable COG)

Center of Gravity Calculators:

* End Weights

* Pallet

【免費生產應用App】Sling Calculator Free-APP點子

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