Slingshot Race

【免費賽車遊戲App】Slingshot Race-APP點子

Slingshot Race is an amazing addictive car racing game for kids and adults! Are you fan of speed racing and car parking games? Do you want to try new one? Download our new Slingshot Race game! Here you will have a wonderful winter adventure of high speed slingshots and get real adrenaline!


【免費賽車遊戲App】Slingshot Race-APP點子

During the turn you have to tap the button on the right to turn but be careful because if you tap the button for too long, you will crash.

Slingshot Race Features:

【免費賽車遊戲App】Slingshot Race-APP點子

- Nice slingshots characters

- Winter rally for two

【免費賽車遊戲App】Slingshot Race-APP點子

- Perfect game for kids with no violence

- Top down view

【免費賽車遊戲App】Slingshot Race-APP點子

- Intuitive control

Forget about boring puzzle and guessing games! It’s time to ride! Play your favorite need for speed game on your device. Be the fastest one and put all your effort to finish first! This game is not like death truck rally games, there is no fighting elements and no violence so it will please any kid and parent! Download Slingshot Race now and get a lot of bright emotions!

【免費賽車遊戲App】Slingshot Race-APP點子

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