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Sloopy Tunes is a personalized radio app with free access to your favorite artists- local and global. Listen to the hottest new music, from a wide selection of artists. Sloopy Tunes is available for free download on your android powered phones. If you haven't tried Sloopy Tunes before, you'll love it. Instead of spending time looking for new music; just click play.

In this day and age, radio stations continue to spin the same records day in and day out and rarely provide an opportunity for local artists. Sloopy Tunes is the latest music application which provides local artists, from across the country, a platform to be heard right from your mobile device. Our slogan is “You deserve to be heard” which expresses our goal to promote good music to the masses. We strongly believe that there is no such thing as an underground artist when dealing with musicians and talent.

Artists now have a platform to promote their music to fans in different target markets, who may have never heard their music prior to the release of Sloopy Tunes. The possibilities are endless, with every new listener, every artist has the ability of gaining a new fan. What better way to project your voice to the masses.

With Sloopy Tunes you can listen to hottest new music without having to search for it.


* Instant access to hundreds of songs

* Higher quality audio

【免費娛樂App】Sloopy Tunes-APP點子

* Thumbs up/ thumbs down

* Multitasking and background audio support

* Displays current song information

* Ability to replay songs

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