Smart Controls Pro

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Do you want to control your device without even touching it? Do you want your device to act really smart?

Then this app is for you.

Yes, Smart Controls helps you to make your device behave smarter as configured by you.

This app is the Pro Version of Smart Controls, where u can remove all the limitations in free version.

Please try out our free limited version to ensure whether your device supports our app.

Smart Controls app enables following features in your device,

1) Air Gesture Control/ Wave Control : This allows you to control your media players and calls with a wave of your hand.

- You can change song, play song, pause song, reject call, answer call, silent call and many more with gestures.

【免費工具App】Smart Controls Pro-APP點子

- You can customize the actions for each gesture you perform.

- Controls can be deeply configured to enable them only on certain apps (or) when audio played on speakers and Bluetooth (or) when phone inclined at certain angles (or) in multiple other ways.

2) Air Gesture Gallery : This allows you to view pictures with Air Gestures.

3) Speaking Notifications: This makes your phone to read out Android Notifications.

- You can make your phone read out your Android Notifications.

【免費工具App】Smart Controls Pro-APP點子

- Can automatically cancel notifications after read (Only post Android 4.3)

- Can be configured to enable it only when headphone is connected (or) on certain apps (or) when connected to Dock Mode (or) in multiple other ways.

【免費工具App】Smart Controls Pro-APP點子

4) Speaking Mode: This makes your phone a Speaking/Talking Caller ID.

- You can make your phone read out your incoming Caller Details and Text Messages(SMS).

- Can be configured to enable it only when headphone is connected (or) in multiple other ways.

5) Pocket Mode: This allows you to perform some actions, when your phone is in Pocket, Bag or Pouch.

【免費工具App】Smart Controls Pro-APP點子

- Can be configured to vibrate or maximize ringing volume when your phone is in pocket, bag or pouch.

- Can be configured to minimize ringing volume or make phone silent when you take it out of pocket, bag or pouch.

6) Flip Mode: This allows you to perform action when you Turn over your phone (or) on closing/flipping phone pouch.

- Can be configured to silent phone, reject call, answer call on speaker and many more.

7) Auto Responder/ Do not Disturb (DND): This allows your phone to automatically respond to Calls and SMS with a configurable mesaage.

【免費工具App】Smart Controls Pro-APP點子

- Can be configured to automatically Reject call, Reject call with SMS, Answer Call, etc., on incoming call.

- Can be configured to automatically Reply to text messages (SMS).

- Can be configured to enable only on certain contacts (or) in multiple other ways.

8) Battery Full Alert: This saves your phone battery from getting over charged.

【免費工具App】Smart Controls Pro-APP點子

- Enabling this will make your phone alert when the battery is fully charged.

- Can be configured to alert continuously.

【免費工具App】Smart Controls Pro-APP點子

9) Shake Controls: This helps you to control your phone by shaking it.

- Shuffles Songs on Shake or customize it with any media controls.

- Hangup or Answer Call by Shaking your Phone.

Multiple Profiles can be created with different control settings to switch between them easily.

Dedicated Widget to switch between profiles right from your home screen.

Backup and Restore profiles to/from SD Card.

If you face any issues or need to provide any feedback or suggestion use 'Send Feedback' option within our app or drop a mail to

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