Smart Equations BETA

【免費教育App】Smart Equations BETA-APP點子

Have you ever wanted to get area for Circle or Sphere, or to get volume for Cylinder or Cone really fast?

Well, now You can!

For example by writing only radius of circle, you can get the area, circumference, diameter and a lot more. You can also see which equations are used for getting them. It is a must have application for students who have difficulties remembering equations. There's also a dedicated keyboard for your convenience!

Features -

Equations for Circle,


Pythagorean Theorem,

Rectangle, Square,


Regular Pyramid,

Sphere, Cone,

【免費教育App】Smart Equations BETA-APP點子

Cylinder, Sine,

Cosine, Tangent,

ax^2 + bc + c,

Unit Converter

Future plans -


sin,cos,tan,cot Theorem,

Exact steps for the equations,

More equations for shapes,

You name it...

Did you find a bug or want to have a feature request?

E-mail me at

【免費教育App】Smart Equations BETA-APP點子

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NB! As this app is still in BETA stage, expect to have a few bugs here and there.

【免費教育App】Smart Equations BETA-APP點子

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