Smart Fingerprint Scanner

【免費娛樂App】Smart Fingerprint Scanner-APP點子

This Smart Fingerprint Scanner is mainly used to scan the fingerprint to enter into the main interface, as long as you scan fingerprint in more than three times. It is a game for you to make a fool of your friends. Just prank them that you¡¯ve got a fingerprint scanner.


【免費娛樂App】Smart Fingerprint Scanner-APP點子

This is not a screen locker which may take place of original screen locker here.

This is not a fingerprint scanner which can scan different fingerprint.

【免費娛樂App】Smart Fingerprint Scanner-APP點子

It is only a scanner of fingerprint times.


【免費娛樂App】Smart Fingerprint Scanner-APP點子

Simple to use and easy to control

Enable vibration

【免費娛樂App】Smart Fingerprint Scanner-APP點子

Beautiful and HD UI

Free for Android mobiles and tablets

【免費娛樂App】Smart Fingerprint Scanner-APP點子


1. Click on the door to get access to scanner.

【免費娛樂App】Smart Fingerprint Scanner-APP點子

2. Put your finger onto the scanner for a while.

3. Wait for the scanner has scanned more than three times to loosen your finger. Only in this way can you get granted to enter the main interface.

【免費娛樂App】Smart Fingerprint Scanner-APP點子

This fingerprint scanner can bring us a lot of fun! You can fool your friends that it can access different fingerprints. Just show off the power of your Android device. Actually, it only can scan times not different fingerprints.

Your friends may only scan for a while, which may lead to the failure of access granted. Just make fools of them.

【免費娛樂App】Smart Fingerprint Scanner-APP點子


1. Fake and prank app for fun!

【免費娛樂App】Smart Fingerprint Scanner-APP點子

2. Please leave your comment. Don't hesitate to report any trouble in email you may have!


【免費娛樂App】Smart Fingerprint Scanner-APP點子

A fingerprint in its narrow sense could be an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger. In a wider use of the term, fingerprints can be the traces of an impression from the friction ridges of any part of a human or other primate hand. Before computerisation replaced manual filing systems in large fingerprint operations, manual fingerprint classification systems could be used to categorize fingerprints based on general ridge formations, thus permitting filing and retrieval of paper records in large collections based on friction ridge patterns alone.

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