Smart Fireflies (Math)

【免費教育App】Smart Fireflies (Math)-APP點子

Interactive app for basic math learning - this game is designed especially for preschoolers.

With Smart Fireflies, children will easily learn how to count from 1 to 10, and it will also help them to master:

【免費教育App】Smart Fireflies (Math)-APP點子

- quantity (from 1 to 5, or from 1 to 10 - depending on your kid’s math knowledge)

【免費教育App】Smart Fireflies (Math)-APP點子

- numerals (while playing, a child will learn to identify numbers from 1 to 10)

【免費教育App】Smart Fireflies (Math)-APP點子

- addition (basic skills of numbers addition)

【免費教育App】Smart Fireflies (Math)-APP點子

- subtraction skills (exercises on subtraction)

Smart Fireflies is an app for the kids aged from 3 to 6, and it is created in a form of the game and exciting story: the dwellers of the house are asleep, but the sun is rising and a new day will start soon! So kids have a task - to wake the dwellers up carefully.

【免費教育App】Smart Fireflies (Math)-APP點子

Little helpers - pink and yellow fireflies - are there to help the child (kids should lead them to the house, and the lights will be on!)

When job is done, kids are invited to count how many windows have lights on (exercises are based on the skills that should be developed: quantity, learning numerals, addition and subtraction).

Kids like this interactive game as they are learning and having fun at the same time. They watch the sun rising and the dwellers waking up. A new day starts, and a lot of interesting things will happen today!

When an exercise is done, the sun rises and the story continues: cars start to drive, birds are flying and sun is shining brightly (a child just needs to tap on the object).

The app uses original graphics created especially for “Smart Fireflies”, and it has English and Russian voiceover.

All exercises are intuitive for kids and will easily help them to learn basic math.

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