Smart WalkNText

【免費通訊App】Smart WalkNText-APP點子

Smart walk and text gives you the advantage of texting while you are walking. Through transparent screen you can see what is ahead of you and you can avoid stumbling and falling.In this application ,you can send SMS and receive SMS .The whole application works in transparent ,so you can use this application while you are walking.


【免費通訊App】Smart WalkNText-APP點子

1.Preview of camera through out application ,

2.Send SMS

【免費通訊App】Smart WalkNText-APP點子

3.SMS receive notification alert

4.Configure mail and Send Mail

【免費通訊App】Smart WalkNText-APP點子

5.Post Status in Twitter

6.Post in Facebook wall

【免費通訊App】Smart WalkNText-APP點子

7.Change text color and text box color.

8.Change transparent Keyboard color

【免費通訊App】Smart WalkNText-APP點子

9.Ful screen Mode

10.Need light? Put Flash light ON and continue texting

【免費通訊App】Smart WalkNText-APP點子

11. Switch on and off the camera while you want

12.You can use both transparent and native keyboard.

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