Smart Watch CALL client

【免費通訊App】Smart Watch CALL client-APP點子

This client offers you the ability to use your smart watch more effectively in conditions when your cell phone is not near to hand, or you cannot use it. The app is designed to be used in situations such as driving a car with hands-free, in meetings, lectures, school, etc.

The application is optimalized for watches with circle and box shaped display, that can be installed on every watch with android wear system.

Among its main advantages belongs simple graphic that uses the OLED display technology. The application works mainly with black color, what saves the battery life during long-lasting listing through the calls.


【免費通訊App】Smart Watch CALL client-APP點子

- Data update each time you launch the app

【免費通訊App】Smart Watch CALL client-APP點子

- Quick and easy operation

【免費通訊App】Smart Watch CALL client-APP點子

- Arranged displaying of incoming, outgoing and missed calls

【免費通訊App】Smart Watch CALL client-APP點子

-Calling directly from your watches in cooperation with hands-free set (in car, running,…)

-Sending sample messages from your watches and easy modification by cell phone

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