Smart e-SMBG -Diabetes lifelog

【免費健康App】Smart e-SMBG -Diabetes lifelog-APP點子

Life log application for diabetes

[Smart e-SMBG] offer many useful function for diabetic patient, like “Blood Glucose Level management”, ”Diet record”, ”Pedometer”, "Medication", and ”Vital Records Control ”.

【Main feature】

◆Blood Glucose visualization.

It is easy to know the swing of Blood Glucose Levels, or Blood Glucose Level related data like Meal (photos), Activity (number of steps) at first sight. You can examine your daily life intuitively.

* Supports both US (mg/dL) and international (mmol/L) glucose units.

【免費健康App】Smart e-SMBG -Diabetes lifelog-APP點子

◆Easy to record with Smartphone

You can record and check the data anytime and anywhere, so it is easy to continue to improve your lifestyle.

◆A wealth of diabetes support contents unique to Smartphone app

[Smart e-SMBG] will help your self-managing diabetes with varieties of function like Weight, Blood Pressure, Meal (photos), Pedometer, Medication etc..

◆Special functions for Diabetes

【免費健康App】Smart e-SMBG -Diabetes lifelog-APP點子

We offer many special functions for Diabetes. These are effective not only for diabetic patient who use Insulin pump, but also for anyone who care about Blood Glucose Level.

【All Menu】

◆Blood Glucose Level

Record the data of Blood Glucose Level, Insulin, Medication Log, Event, Memo, A1C and Insulin Pump. You can see these data by graph.


 Record Meal data (Meal photos, Energy intake, Carbohydrate content)and see by graph

【免費健康App】Smart e-SMBG -Diabetes lifelog-APP點子


Record Vitals data (Weight, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature), and Number of steps. You can see these data by graph.


 Count steps by Widget

【免費健康App】Smart e-SMBG -Diabetes lifelog-APP點子

◆Challenge After meal 120!

See how change Blood glucose pattern depending on food and activity, by recording Blood glucose level (before meal, 30min/60min/120min after meal) and displaying as graphs


 You can examine your 2days to record Blood glucose level, Meal, event etc

【免費健康App】Smart e-SMBG -Diabetes lifelog-APP點子

◆Let's see soles of your feet (under investigation)

◆Mood checker (under investigation)

◆Measure(under investigation)

【免費健康App】Smart e-SMBG -Diabetes lifelog-APP點子

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