Smoking Control

【免費健康App】Smoking Control-APP點子

Control your smoking habit in a simple yet elegant way.


【免費健康App】Smoking Control-APP點子

- Added Live Tiles support

- Added Notifications support

- Added a splash screen for first load

【免費健康App】Smoking Control-APP點子

- Minor UI Tweaks

- Fixed a bug in the trial version

【免費健康App】Smoking Control-APP點子


- monitor how many tobacco products you consume everyday and the elapsed time in-between them

- how many remaining for the current day and suggest you the best time to consume your next tobacco product in the current 24 hours period

【免費健康App】Smoking Control-APP點子

- Will inform how many tobacco product consumed in the current day, how many remaining and estimated best time for you to consume the next tobacco product

- Set a global or per-day smoking limit

- Timestamped logs

【免費健康App】Smoking Control-APP點子

- Take advantages of the Live Tiles and notifications, for when the application is not running

What is coming next:

【免費健康App】Smoking Control-APP點子

- A visual lines graph

* By buying this application you encourage developers to create more applications in the future.

【免費健康App】Smoking Control-APP點子

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