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SMS Notice is an helpful application that notifies you of an incoming message in an unobtrusive manner - without stopping or pausing your current activity.

Allows you to choose which apps to get pop-ups and which don't!

Furthermore, it allows you to customize pop-up location! Drag and drop notice to a location you want and the next time, sms notice pop-up will be shown in that location.

Extremely useful when you cannot see sms notifications. i.e. Full screen apps like games, YouTube in landscape mode etc.

Lite Version (Sms Notice Lite) Available!

With it, you can:

(1) Get a pop-up notice with sender information, a preview of message details all WITHOUT stopping or pausing your current application.

(2) Have the power to choose which app(s) to receive the pop-up(s). (Max of 3 apps in Lite version, unlimited in Full version.) Does not give you pop-ups where you don't want it!

【免費工具App】Sms Notice-APP點子


- Dismissing of pop-up notice without interfering your current application.

- Option to receive notification when a new app is installed. This provides a easy way to include the new app to receive sms notice pop-up(s).

- User Choice of up to 3 apps to receive sms notice pop-up(s).

- Test pop-up notice in all installed apps via long-press.

- Touch pop-up to view full message and more options. E.g. Reply, trash notice.(Note that this will pause your current activity).

- FEATURES in FULL version -

- Ability to SHIFT pop-up notice to a user-preferred location. If your app runs in landscape and portrait mode, you can have 2 settings, one for each orientation.

- Different pop-up positions for landscape and portrait modes.

- AUTO REPLY a saved text template to sender without interfering current application.

- UNLIMITIED number of apps to receive sms notice pop-up(s).


- This app does not remove incoming messages from your inbox message list. Auto reply messages will not be added to outbox message.

- If the current application has any touchable controls beneath the pop-up notice, it will be considered "touched" when pop-up notice is pressed.

【免費工具App】Sms Notice-APP點子

i.e. pop-up notice behaves like a transparent label, the "touch" event will propagate to the current application (which is beneath the notice).

Users may need to shift the notice pop-up to a more desirable location. This is not a bug, as the intention of this app is to give you a notification of incoming message

without interfering your current activity. Therefore, all behaviour and controls of current application remains active. Use the "Launch activity with test message" feature to test pop-up locations and preview the touch behavior.

【免費工具App】Sms Notice-APP點子

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