Snake it! 3D

【免費街機App】Snake it! 3D-APP點子

Snake it! 3D is a conceptually new idea for arcade genre in excellent 3D realization. For the first time on mobile gaming arena coming up original, exciting, entertaining mix of worldwide loved Zuma and Snake games. We made it in a really fresh way!

Here you will be able not only to collect long lines, but also to pick up right colours of balls: 3 or more balls of one colour will be blown up and bring points. The more one-coloured balls you blows up, the more points you get. You also can exercise you imagination and get more points by other means: the rules are extremely flexible!

Take a dare to struggle for super medals! Can you do a thing like blowing up more than 10 one-coloured balls simultaneously, or 35 or 100?! Test your snake blowing skills; attempt to win the best snake-exploder title!

Main features:

【免費街機App】Snake it! 3D-APP點子

+ Absorbing, qualitatively new gameplay;

【免費街機App】Snake it! 3D-APP點子

+ Innovative 3D technologies;

【免費街機App】Snake it! 3D-APP點子

+ Bright, high-quality graphics;

【免費街機App】Snake it! 3D-APP點子

+ Entertaining bonus system;

+ Wide-screen orientation.

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