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Check out this brand new version of the most popular board and dice game Snakes and Ladders (in Aquarium), now available for your Android device!The game play:Players spin the dice and move their character for the number of steps indicated by the dice. If they land on the lower-numbered end of the block with a "ladder", they can move their way up to the higher-numbered block. If they land on the higher-numbered square of a pair with a "snake", they must move their character down to the lower-numbered square.The first player who successfully arrives at the last block in an exact number of steps is the winner.Features:• An „all time classic“ returns as a mobile game: long-lasting enjoyment on Phone and Tablet is guaranteed• Easy but addictive gameplay brings fun for the full family• Easy to control: Automatic or manual movement• Brand new star fortune blocks – give the game a totally new twist!• 2 boards with different locations for snakes and ladders (5 more in FULL version)• Singleplayer AND multiplayer mode• HD graphics and lovely underwater effects• Multi-Language (English, German, Farsi, Thai)

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