Snap a Calorie

【免費健康App】Snap a Calorie-APP點子

A better healthy lifestyle begins with knowing your BMI and tracking the calories you consume. Snap a Calorie can help you to easily keep track of those nasty calories.

【免費健康App】Snap a Calorie-APP點子


【免費健康App】Snap a Calorie-APP點子

- Calculates your BMI

- Calculates your Daily Calorie Allowance

【免費健康App】Snap a Calorie-APP點子

- Calculates the amount of Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein you are allowed

- Take pictures of food and assign a Calorie value

【免費健康App】Snap a Calorie-APP點子

- Quick and easily add Food items during the day

- Keep a record of daily, weekly and monthly energy totals

【免費健康App】Snap a Calorie-APP點子

- Live tiles will show you how much energy you still can consume for the day

- Live tiles will also show you how many items you consumed for the day.

【免費健康App】Snap a Calorie-APP點子

There is now excuse anymore to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle!

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