Try to get as many points as you can get by hitting enemies with snowballs and at the same time make sure that balls or cocoa does not end. Physics plays a big role in this game, so time your shots correctly.

After the game you can check from the statistics how well you have performed.

Includes three playing modes.

Normal mode:


At start, you'll have 100 snowballs to throw but you can gain more from snowball piles, which will appear occasionally. Hint, the more you will get hits on the pile, the more you get the snowballs. If you run out of snowball the game will end.

Also, pay attention to hot chocolate meter. If it drops to 0 the game will end. Occassionally there's a chance to get more hot chocolate.

As the game progresses the more enemies will appear, so plan your strategy carefully...

Time mode:

You have 60 secs time to play (or less if enemies hit you). How much can you score?

One hit mode:

You have 1000 balls to throw, but hot chocolate meter is set to one. So only one hit and it is game over. Be quick!


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