The classic card game Solitaire Free for Android! The most famous among the games with three different solitaire games! And three difficulty levels! It is also known by other names like Solitary, Solitario, Alone, Loner, among others ...

Improve your times by timing games or compete for points against worldwide!

Shall we play Solitaire?

Have fun playing simple or more complex solitaire on your mobile and totally free!

Any time is good to play a Solitaire!

Choose a name, select an avatar and play! Single and Multiplayer Mode!

Train your skills without connection at Single mode, moderates the speed of the game or change the color of the table.

Earn points playing, improve your timing headings times and get your seat on the TOP of monthly scores against friends and people around the world!!

A classic table games play free solitaire card available with three game variations to choose from for both phones or phones to tablets!

The goal of Solitaire is to achieve four stairs of same suit.

Deck of forty cards in twenty groups of two cards, one face down and one face up distributed.

Aces are placed on them and ascending stairs using up cards.

Placing a card from a pile, if there is another card shown in this otherwise it will be a gap.

You can use the empty slots to place a single card.

The game ends when four ascending stairs of same suit are achieved.

You become the best, prove it in the TOP, playing with friends or strangers who love online card games and totally free!

New ratings system monthly TOP wins. Show who´s the best!!

The Solitaire or Solitary is one of the famous card games of all time, the Solitaire / Solitary is a classic board games or card games.

Technical details:


- Accessibility and fluidity


- No register needed


- Customizable Player Name


- Avatar Gallery to choose


- Change the desktop background while you play


- Single game available offline with adjustable speed


- Multiplayer online game with fun people from around the world


- Top 50 Rating of the month

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