Social Bond - My top friends

【免費社交App】Social Bond - My top friends-APP點子

View a map of your friends and reveal the strength of your social bonds. Who’s paying you the most attention? Who's not pulling their weight?


✔ Friends Matrix: View a league table of friends to see who “likes” you most and how they interact with you

✔ Disconnected friends: Long-time-no-see friends that need some work to improve the friendship

【免費社交App】Social Bond - My top friends-APP點子

✔ Popularity by Gender: Check if you are liked most by male or female friends

✔ Your top 20 friends. Includes ability to filter by different types of interactions and gender.

✔ Friends Map: See how you are connected with your friends on the world map

【免費社交App】Social Bond - My top friends-APP點子

✔ Check-ins: View favorite locations shared by your friends

If you have any comments or suggestions to make the app more useful please let me know and I'll make sure I'll add the features in the next releases.

【免費社交App】Social Bond - My top friends-APP點子

Any feedback would be much appreciated

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【免費社交App】Social Bond - My top friends-APP點子

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