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This app enables a screen-only lock by holding a wake lock on the system, thus DISABLING deep sleep.

NOTE: A known widget update issue should be fixed in 1.3.3+.

Please contact the developer if you have any comments or issues.

** Thank you for donating! **

SoftLocker is meant for Android tablets only, it is pretty useless on phones!

This app was originally tested on the Pandigital Novel, now on the NOOK Color, but should work on any tablet (like the Archos, Augen, Viewsonic, or other Android tablets).

When SoftLocker is enabled and the screen is locked, the device remains FULLY ALIVE except for the screen.

Notes for best use:

【免費工具App】SoftLocker DONATE + widget-APP點子

* Remember to uninstall the free version of SoftLocker!

* Use the home screen widget (DONATE version only) for convenience.

* Don't kill the service with an app killer. (It consumes very little system resources.)

* Please contact the developer with problems or questions, I will fix them!

* From a few Samsung Galaxy S users: "I think you should mention that it can fix the Standby delay on Samsung Galaxy S2!" I cannot confirm this, but I have received feedback from multiple users...

【免費工具App】SoftLocker DONATE + widget-APP點子

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