Sound Meter

【免費工具App】Sound Meter-APP點子

This is a free Sound Meter app for measuring noise level in decibels.

Sound Meter is handy tool - you may find amazing how loud your dog barks or your washing machine works!

Sound Meter features:

- Measuring sound level in decibels

【免費工具App】Sound Meter-APP點子

- 0-100 dB measurement level range

- Graph shows the noise level for the past 30 sec

- Calibration possibility

- Screenshot of sound level graph

If you are searching for sound level meter, decibel meter, noise meter, sound pressure meter, dB meter or SPL meter then Sound Meter is the app you need.

Sound Meter uses microphone of your device to measure level of noise in decibels. Different device models have different microphone sensitivity, so you might need to calibrate Sound Meter a little. You can do it by going to Settings -> Calibrate and selecting appropriate sound delta value. Also, most microphones used in mobile devices are designed to work in the human speech sound range, therefore it might be vaguely sensitive to very high or very low noise levels and the app may not display them.

Sound Meter can be useful for various occasions. For example if you are looking for a flat and would like to chose a quiet one, you can measure sound level with this Sound Meter and then compare results and chose the quietest flat. It is vey easy to make screenshots of sound graph with Sound Meter so you can compare sound levels for various locations.

If you like this Sound Meter you can also try Sound Meter Pro app. Which does not contain ads.

Please, don’t downvote this Sound Meter if you don’t like something, or have any questions. Instead just mail us to and we will try to help you with everything!

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