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Well thanks for stopping by! Have you tried Sound Planner and realized you want to get rid of ads and need more schedules? You've come to the right place.

Sound Planner+ allows you to simply make a plan with your desired settings or think of it like an audio manager. When the time you selected arrives, your phone's volume and vibrate settings will change. In this version of Sound Planner you have the control to make a plan of action (schedule) for these items:

+Notification Vibrate

【免費音樂App】Sound Planner+-APP點子

+Notification Volume

【免費音樂App】Sound Planner+-APP點子

+Ringer Vibrate

【免費音樂App】Sound Planner+-APP點子

+Ringer Volume

【免費音樂App】Sound Planner+-APP點子

+Ringtone Ringer

Sound Planner+ is an application brought on by laziness of the system. The original idea grew from frustration with the 'new' changes to the Android 2.x OS. They took away the simple setup when moving the volume controls up or down that you could change to silent or vibrate. Ahh those were the days. Now you have to pick which you want to do, and it's just so painful.

Along the way, the realization occurred that we could just put those changes in a schedule. We're sure you had similar frustrations. While the volume controls have not been restored, hopefully this incredibly small application adds a new look at dealing with the pain.

A little refresher about the way alarms work. We're sure you know how alarms work, right? At a desired time, some sound goes off, and it wakes you up. Instead of an alarm where some sounds goes off, Sound Planner+ will change your sound and vibrate settings at that time. Now this doesn't continually check your settings. If it did it would heavily drain your phones battery. You wouldn't like that, and neither would we. Besides thinking of alarms, think about if they behaved the same way. You'd continually hear an alarm go off until the next one took place. You can only take so much of a buzzer sound!

What's cool about this is that you can schedule or plan for any day of the week. Actually you can create items that don't use any days. Why? Well you can always apply a series of settings immediately or for later.

It's important to note that this application requires a license check for every 30 days. If you get a sync message or wonder why things aren't working, just open the app. After that you'll be good to go for another 30 days. It's just to maintain license activity.

【免費音樂App】Sound Planner+-APP點子

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