Sound Recorder + Pro

【免費音樂App】Sound Recorder + Pro-APP點子

Sound Recorder + Pro is a High Quality Sound Recorder, as well as Sound Processing Application. It records PCM 16 Bit Audio sample in various Sampling Rate depending on the settings selected by the User. Application supports mixing multiple streams, merging multiple streams, amplifying streams and Echo addition to the recorded files. Here are the list of features:

【免費音樂App】Sound Recorder + Pro-APP點子

>> Sampling Rate: Selection from 8000Hz, 11025Hz, 16000Hz, 22050Hz, 32000Hz, 44100Hz and 48000Hz depending on device compatibility. Sampling Rates refer to the no of samples per second. An audio recorded at 16000Hz will have 16000 samples per second. In PCM 16 Bit encoding, 2 bytes constitute a sample. A five minute recording will have 16000 x 2 x 60 x 5 no of bytes which is about 9.15 MegaBytes.

>> Audio Source: Voice Recognition and Voice Communication Modes support AGC or Automatic Gain Control.

>> Mixing Multiple Samples: Sound Recorder + Pro supports mixing multiple samples and generates a new files playable containing all the samples selected for the mix. For example if 5 files were mixed each 15s long, the resulting mix will be 15s long as well but constitute all the samples.

>> Merging Samples: Sound Recorder + Pro supports merging multiple samples at once. The samples will be added one after another. For example, if there are 5 samples of 15s duration each, the resulting sample will be 75s long.

>> Amplify Samples: Sound Recorder + Pro allows easy amplification of the samples with full user control. There are 7 different level of amplification 1 resulting least amplification while 7 resulting the highest amplification. This can be set in the Settings Page.

>> Add Echo: Sound Recorder + Pro allows easy echo addition with a completely customizable interface. User can select several Echo Delay in the Setting menu ranging from 100 Millisecond to 1000 Millisecond.

>> Share Samples with your closed ones: Sound Recorder + Pro allows easy sharing of the samples via email or various other application if installed on the device such as Twitter, Google Drive, Dropbox and many more.

>> Delete Multiple Files: Sound Recorder + Pro allows easy deletion of multiple recordings

>>Rename Recordings: Sound Recorder + Pro allows to easily rename recordings

>>Audio Details :Sound Recorder + Pro allows to view the audio details such as the sampling rate, number of channels and approximate size of the sample

>>Mix and Amplify Together: Sound Recorder + Pro allows to mix the samples and amplify the resulting mix at once.

>>Keep Display On: Sound Recorder + Pro allows user to select if they want to have display on during recording session or not.

UPDATE: We have discontinued the Paid version and turned it into a Free Ad Supported Version so that more users can enjoy the processing power of Sound Recorder + Pro. Buyer of the Pro Version has been refunded the amount.

【免費音樂App】Sound Recorder + Pro-APP點子

More New Features Yet to Come...

Change log:

Version 1.6, 1.7

【免費音樂App】Sound Recorder + Pro-APP點子

>>Code cleanup and optimization

【免費音樂App】Sound Recorder + Pro-APP點子

>>Enhanced error handling to initialize the recorder in default mode of 44100Hz when the user selected frequency is not supported by the device.

【免費音樂App】Sound Recorder + Pro-APP點子

>>Using PROCESSING flag for files that are still on process and these files are not displayed until the process completes

【免費音樂App】Sound Recorder + Pro-APP點子

>>Using Alarm Manager to schedule a daily task to cleanup files that are corrupt due to technical issues during file sample processing event such as mixing, merging etc.

Version 1.5

【免費音樂App】Sound Recorder + Pro-APP點子

-Added the ability to turn off the recording animation via settings menu

Version 1.3/1.4

- Turned the application into free version

- Initial buyer has been refunded the amount

Version 1.2

- Application Launch BugFix

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