Sound Throw

【免費娛樂App】Sound Throw-APP點子

Sound Throw is a FREE motion activated sound effects machine for your phone that comes with hundreds of sounds you can throw around!

A lot of the fun will depend on how you use Sound Throw, so here are some ideas:

1. Transform your phone!

People will look twice when they see you using your phone as an electric razor, a whip, a cowbell, a fishing reel, a jackhammer, as dice in a cup, in a sword fight, etc. Get into the act and see how long it takes for people to clue in!

2. Add funny sound effects to conversations!

Is someone trying to say something funny but their punch line just isn’t quite cutting it? No problem, you’ve got them covered with a whole bunch of sounds that will liven up any conversation. Or maybe when people finish a sentence throw in a little; dramatic music, joke drum, crowd boo, cuckoo, wrong answer etc. and watch what happens. Sometimes people make little sound effects while they are talking, but you have the power of a whole sound effects catalogue in your hand!

3. Confuse your friends!

【免費娛樂App】Sound Throw-APP點子

A lot of these sounds are funny and some are pretty strange. The activation control is pretty sensitive too so that these sounds can be triggered easily, so select a crazy sound and give it a small flick to trigger. Sounds like; doorbell, frog, burp, drip, will leave people wondering “where did that come from…?”

4. Get some cool new sounds to use!

We always need new sounds to use as ringtones and notifiers, and this makes it easy to get some great sounds for whatever you need.

5. Make people laugh (or annoy them, whatever comes first)!

With humour there is always that fine line anyway…, so whether you are cracking up a friend or teasing your annoying little brother, Sound Throw has a sound for every occasion!

Sound Throw has a lot of specific categories of sounds (called Themes) so you can browse and get the type of sounds that really appeal to you. All sounds are excellent sound quality, and there are no annoying ads or anything in Sound Throw so just pick something you like, turn up the volume and get throwing!


-Sound Throw comes with a bunch of FREE Themes to use!

【免費娛樂App】Sound Throw-APP點子

-Once the Sound Throw loads, select a “Theme” (maybe Starter Pack 1)? You can select a Theme by pressing the “Select” button or just by tapping the Theme highlighted

-Now you can see all the different Sounds available in a Theme! You can select a Sound by pressing the “Use” button or just by tapping the Sound highlighted

-You are now ready to give this a throw! Usually a small flick in any direction will trigger the sound, but some of the motions are very specific so have some fun playing around with them!

【免費娛樂App】Sound Throw-APP點子

-make sure your volume is up!

【免費娛樂App】Sound Throw-APP點子

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