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The Source Transport app is for vendor companies and individual owner-operator drivers that provide transportation services to Source Transport. The app has many features, that improve the ease of communication, both from and to Source Transport, including "live chat!" with the corporate office. It also provides many other features that are handy for that owner/driver on the highway, such as a "messages" button that gives the ability to receive "push notification" messages, as well as tabs to send a photo of a damaged shipment, etc., scan a QR code and have access to the company load board.

Features include:

- Call Us button for phone calls to Source Transport.

- Messages button for access to all "push notifications" messages from Source Transport.

【免費商業App】Source Transport-APP點子

- Live Chat! Button, for instant access to a person when needing assistance during normal business hours.

- Get Rate button to retrieve a form for requesting a rate for a customer.

- Send Photo tab for sending a photo, to Source Transport, regarding problems with a shipment.

- Support tab for emailing Source Transport with any assistance needing matter.

- QR Scanner tab for reading QR codes.

【免費商業App】Source Transport-APP點子

- Load Board tab giving access to the company "load board".

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