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The SWR Chamber is the bringing together of Businesses of South West Rocks and District to share ideas and for mutual support. The Chamber has a strong and diverse membership representing a wide spectrum of large and small businesses. The Chamber is run by a volunteer Board of Directors who provide and invite Agenda Items for discussion, organise speakers and provide minutes of meetings to all members.

The Chamber’s goals include:

• Establishing South West Rocks as a tourist destination

【免費商業App】South West Rocks-APP點子

• Promoting members’ businesses & services locally, regionally and nationally

【免費商業App】South West Rocks-APP點子

• Consolidating regional wealth and prosperity and ensuring sufficient resources and financial capacity for the town.

The Chamber does not provide advice to businesses but will arrange guest speakers on relevant topics and endeavour to source information.

The Chamber is an apolitical, financially independent organisation, providing its members the opportunity to enhance their interests, network for profit and improve the prosperity of the community. The Chamber is dedicated to providing:

• Networking Opportunities for SWR Businesses

【免費商業App】South West Rocks-APP點子

• Speakers relevant to SWR Businesses

【免費商業App】South West Rocks-APP點子

• A forum by which discussion can take place on issues affecting businesses within the town

【免費商業App】South West Rocks-APP點子

• Facilitate experts who can provide advice to SWR Businesses

【免費商業App】South West Rocks-APP點子

• A conduit to be able to collect information and disseminate information

【免費商業App】South West Rocks-APP點子

• Lobby/voice/representation/influence

【免費商業App】South West Rocks-APP點子

• Information and Education

【免費商業App】South West Rocks-APP點子

• Promotion and identification of long and short term business opportunities

【免費商業App】South West Rocks-APP點子

• The creation of better opportunities for the business environment

【免費商業App】South West Rocks-APP點子

• Providing members with opportunity to improve their businesses and be a patent lobbyist to protect their interests.

• Support all businesses as opposed to supporting any individual business

• Assist in formulating opinion and policy which is representative of all members across the diversity of business types.

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