Space Synthesizer

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Sick and tired of useless music creators and music maker jams with colorful interface but lacking functionality? We can offer some new music composer for music lovers with their favorite music style - Space Synthesizer!

Space Synthesizer - is a cool relax music app and it looks like classic drum machine with step sequencer for real hip hop music creators and cosmic effect music lovers. It has a sound fx board (sound effects soundboard) to add your tracks some original sounding. Let this music maker board help you control every second of your music track with rhythm control, pitch sounds control, panorama control, sequence beat and more!

Space Synthesizer features:

【免費音樂App】Space Synthesizer-APP點子

- Control and edit every second of your track

- Classic drum machine design

- Easy way to create your own music

【免費音樂App】Space Synthesizer-APP點子

- Dozens of integrated samples and loops

Start creating your music without paying great amount of money with Space Synthesizer - beat maker!

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