Speak Spanish (n)

【免費教育App】Speak Spanish (n)-APP點子

Listen to the language, read the subtitles and repeat each word or sentence you hear - not just once, but twice! Easy to understand, easy to absorb and learn - simple to speak!

Many people have already chosen the Speakit.tv learning method as their favorite method to master the basics in any new language. Now it's your chance!

Some basic details:

【免費教育App】Speak Spanish (n)-APP點子

- 20 video episodes; each deals with a different area of everyday life situations.

- 2.5 hours of practice and you will acquire 600 useful words and phrases, which will be useful in almost any situation - all accompanied by full guidance in English.

- Translation and transcription (when needed) - all on screen!

The course is designed for both beginners and for those interested in improving their basic knowledge of the language.

【免費教育App】Speak Spanish (n)-APP點子

Each SPEAKIT language-learning course includes the following videos:

Preface and Introduction

1. Things You Need to Know

【免費教育App】Speak Spanish (n)-APP點子

2. Starting to Speak

3. How Much, How Many?

4. Common Questions

【免費教育App】Speak Spanish (n)-APP點子

5. Important Words

6. Adjectives

7. Numbers

【免費教育App】Speak Spanish (n)-APP點子

8. Colors

9. Days of the Week

10. Telling the Time

【免費教育App】Speak Spanish (n)-APP點子

11. Personal Details

12. Hotels

13. Car Rentals

【免費教育App】Speak Spanish (n)-APP點子

14. Friends and Business

15. A New Language

16. Phone Conversations

【免費教育App】Speak Spanish (n)-APP點子

17. Restaurants and Food

18. Taxis

19. Public Transportation

【免費教育App】Speak Spanish (n)-APP點子

20. Shopping

Ready to start learning a new language? Let’s get started!

Enjoy learning!

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