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SpeakEZ English! Your best option in learning spoken English!

1. The most practical verbal communication teaching methods and materials: including Daily Communication, Overseas Travel, Overseas Study, Overseas Work, Multinational Company, Business Trading, and much more.

2. Virtual scene teaching: Utilizing life like scenes and characters, as well as real scenes. This provides scholars a language learning environment that is handy, allowing them to do more with less. These scenes also makes it easy for users to naturally get into the virtual scene of a language learning environment, again, making learning a handy process.

3. There are a variety of options in terms of learning modes, which includes Listening, Repeating and Role-playing. Users may select the playback mode to repeat the training or opt for the single sentence practice option.

4. User’s learning progress is automatically saved. When user exits the software they can pick up where they left off in their next lesson which will not only help them chart their progress, but also to save time on repeating lessons already done.

【免費教育App】SpeakEZ English HD-APP點子

【免費教育App】SpeakEZ English HD-APP點子

【免費教育App】SpeakEZ English HD-APP點子

【免費教育App】SpeakEZ English HD-APP點子

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