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I've always had fond memories of my Speak n Spell from the early 1980s, but there's never been a decent replacement for the iPad until now.Speaking Spell HD provides not only the familiar keyboard input and voice response of the original Speak 'n' Spell but adds a number of features and enhancements that cannot be found with any other app, like:- The spoken text is very understandable. We've used top-of-the-line text to speech software to ensure that students will not struggle with Speaking Spell's speech quality.- A "Hint" button which recites a sentence using the word that the student is asked to spell. The format is standard spelling bee: A sentence, and then the word is repeated- The word list is taken from actual spelling exercises used by teachers.- The word list is constantly being added to and enhanced.- The user interface is incredibly child-friendly. Not only does each letter keypress provide audio feedback of the letter, but the onscreen keys are highlighted and increased in size ... just like the standard iPad keyboard but with bright, easily readable buttons meant just for young students- The word to be spelled can be repeated at any time, or skipped if the student is having too much difficulty with it- We're open to suggestions! If there's any enhancements that teachers and/or parents would like to see, we're happy to add them in future releases.In Grade 2, students are expected to master short-vowel, long-vowel, r- controlled, and consonant-blend patterns correctly. Words using the -ight ending are introduced, including BRIGHT, FLIGHT, and NIGHT, plus a few compound words are incuded in second grade spelling word lists including GRANDFATHER, BEDROOM, and SAILBOAT.All in all we're very proud of Speaking Spell HD -- it's the best spelling drill, tutor and edutainment app for spelling on the App Store, in high-resolution to take full advantage of the iPad's capabilities!

【免費教育App】Speaking Spell Second Grade - HD-APP點子

【免費教育App】Speaking Spell Second Grade - HD-APP點子

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