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【免費工具App】Speed Dialer Widget-APP點子


Speed Dialer is free dialer application which lets you dial any number with one tap.

Store contacts in Speed Dialer and add Speed Dialer Widget on your homescreen.

All your stored contacts can be called from the Speed Dialer Widget with a single tap.

You can even send messages from the widget. Just tap on the Message icon and send messages.

How to use:

1. Open Speed Dialer application

2. Press menu button to add phone numbers, say you have added 4 phone numbers

【免費工具App】Speed Dialer Widget-APP點子

3. Now go to your main screen, and add Speed Dialer widget

That's all...you are ready to go!!!


- The widget displays only four numbers.

- You can add contacts from your phone contact list or manually.

- Contact names can have maximum 10 characters.

- Speed Dialer doesn't support Call Log or any other feature. It is just a one-click dialing app.

- Send messages using various message application installed on your device.

This app has been developed in joint collaboration with RohitBirlaSoftwares


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