Speed Launcher LockScreen

【免費個人化App】Speed Launcher LockScreen-APP點子

Speed Launcher replaces your default lock screen with customizable screen. It gives you ability to call/text your frequent contacts, launch favorite applications and manage your phone settings with just simple swipe.



【免費個人化App】Speed Launcher LockScreen-APP點子

+ Beautiful rotatory dial for contact/apps/settings & call-log

+ Call/text your friends from lock screen

【免費個人化App】Speed Launcher LockScreen-APP點子

+ Unlock your phone with a stylish swipe

+ Missed call and Unread message count notification.

+ Intuitive and consistent interface to interact with application.

【免費個人化App】Speed Launcher LockScreen-APP點子

+ Date, time & battery percentage displayed on lock screen

Speed Launcher Pro features

【免費個人化App】Speed Launcher LockScreen-APP點子

+ Launch your favorite apps from lock screen

+ Enable/disable android settings. E.g. Enable/Disable WiFi/Bluetooth/Sound etc.

+ Unread messages and missed call log to quickly take an action on

【免費個人化App】Speed Launcher LockScreen-APP點子

+ Missed call and Unread message count notification. Launch missed call/message log for quick reading

We hope you enjoy Beauty, Style and Speed of our app! Please provide review for our app and share it with friends.

【免費個人化App】Speed Launcher LockScreen-APP點子

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【免費個人化App】Speed Launcher LockScreen-APP點子

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