Speed Radar Cam Pro

【免費工具App】Speed Radar Cam Pro-APP點子

this is the adfree/pro version of "Speed Radar Cam".

turn your android device into a speed radar camera or laser speed cannon with full-automatic speed measuring of moving objects.

measure and save the speed of cars, trucks, bikes, planes...

works like a velocity measuring photoelectric sensor.

【免費工具App】Speed Radar Cam Pro-APP點子

works from nearly any direction (best from the side).

can measure m/s,km/h or mph.

【免費工具App】Speed Radar Cam Pro-APP點子

takes photos with speed information for viewing later.

has voice output.

Quick Start:

1. Mount or fix your device (for e.g. lean against window or tape it somewhere)

2. Move the 2 circles with your fingers to 2 points you can guess the distance of one to another (for e.g. length of cars/stripes) and which are both passed by the objects you want to measure

3. Enter the distance into the blue textbox (the blue line in the image represents your distance)

4. Press Start

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