Speed Read Monkey

【免費街機App】Speed Read Monkey-APP點子

Fun & additive monkey games!

Speed Read monkey can finish read 1 book in less than 1 second!! Please help this monkey change direction in order to read the books in very high speed.

This monkey game is a new arcade game inspired by popular timber games with different idea. Instead of chop wood and avoid the branches,tons of book falling down & waiting genius cartoon monkey to read.

This genius monkey has super high speed reading skill which it can finish read a book when you tap the screen once.

【免費街機App】Speed Read Monkey-APP點子

How fast it read depends how fast you tap!

Tap to change monkey direction.Don't let the books fall to the floor.

Read as many as you can before time running up!

Secret time book can help you increase time!

【免費街機App】Speed Read Monkey-APP點子

Strategy: Observation & speed is your main weapon in this game.

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