Speed Words

【免費遊戲App】Speed Words-APP點子

Speed Words is a fast-paced anagrams game where players arrange their tiles into a cross-word-style puzzle. The faster you complete your puzzle, the faster your opponents are buried in tiles.

NEW - login with Facebook and play your friends online! Speed Words also provides unique multi-player capabilities where two players play at the same time on the same device, as well as WiFi network play for up to 8 players!

【免費遊戲App】Speed Words-APP點子

- No accounts/login required!

- 1 or 2-player on a single device

WiFi mode notes:

【免費遊戲App】Speed Words-APP點子

Please try wifi mode with the free demo app before purchasing! Not compatible with all wifi routers.

Network / wi-fi mode is 1 player per device, requires app on each device.

【免費遊戲App】Speed Words-APP點子

Both devices must be connected to the same wifi network.

Wifi game can't mix demo and paid version players.

【免費遊戲App】Speed Words-APP點子

Rated 9+ because AI might spell *any* word in the dictionary.

How to play:

【免費遊戲App】Speed Words-APP點子

- You start with 7 letters

- Make a cross-word puzzle by dragging your tiles onto the board

- When you've used all your letters to form a cross-word puzzle on the board, draw another letter from the pile and your opponent(s) will also get another letter. If your opponent finishes, they'll draw from the pile and you'll get another letter.

【免費遊戲App】Speed Words-APP點子

- The quicker you play, the quicker your opponent(s) will get buried in excess tiles.

- Misspelled and non-contiguous words will flash red and block you from drawing

- If you cannot play, you may trade a tile back into the pile, but it costs you 5 seconds

【免費遊戲App】Speed Words-APP點子

- Once all tiles are used, the game ends and players are scored based on the word scores determined by individual letter scores. Unused letters count against your score.

- Be aware - non-contiguous words and misspelled words count as unused letters, and may cause other words to become non-contiguous. Don't "break" your puzzle at the end of the game, only the largest contiguous region counts!

【免費遊戲App】Speed Words-APP點子

See gameplay video at: http://lilcodemonkey.com/SpeedWords/

【免費遊戲App】Speed Words-APP點子

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