SpeedDo (Task,Progress)

【免費商業App】SpeedDo (Task,Progress)-APP點子

It"s very simple and easy to use!

You can easily add one task to another!

Displays the progress of the tasks!

【免費商業App】SpeedDo (Task,Progress)-APP點子

You can add categorized icons in each task!

It crosses out the completed tasks so you'll know which

tasks are completed by a glance!

【免費商業App】SpeedDo (Task,Progress)-APP點子

Assort tasks/Display by the category/mark for important tasks!

Select the color Green or Pink!


1 Add new tasks(memo/add icon/categorize/deadline/time/alarm).

【免費商業App】SpeedDo (Task,Progress)-APP點子

2 Assort by date/by category/by alphabet.

3 Display by category.

4 Display all the completed tasks.

【免費商業App】SpeedDo (Task,Progress)-APP點子

5 Edit tasks(mark for the important tasks/share/delete/copy).

6 Help (Move to Speed Do description page of our website).

7 Menu button (of your phone)

【免費商業App】SpeedDo (Task,Progress)-APP點子

「Setting」: Display on the status bar (Launch Speed Do from the status bar.)/Select colors etc...

「Password」: Password setting.

「Backup」: Import SD card/Export SD card/Export Cloud( Back up the data to Gmail/Drive/Dropbox/Evernote)

【免費商業App】SpeedDo (Task,Progress)-APP點子

「Recovery」: Recover to previous data etc...

「Exit」: Exit the app.

8 Expired tasks'll be displayed with a red square border.

【免費商業App】SpeedDo (Task,Progress)-APP點子

9 Cross out the completed tasks.

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