Speedo is the ultimate Speedometer and Trip Tracking App.

Why pay hundreds of dollars for a Personal GPS device when you can have it at a fraction of the cost on your Android phone? With Speedo you can have most of the essential features of an expensive Personal GPS for the cost of a latte.

Speedo is truly a versatile app that can be used a Pedometer, or a Speedometer, and Trip Tracker.

Speedo is one of the few apps that works equally well walking, running or in a vehicle.

Only Speedo’s unique noise rejection algorithms provide accurate distance and speed measurements at walking speeds.

Speedo is a precision instrument. With good satellite fix, the readings are highly accurate even at walking speeds. The measurement error accuracy

Speedo is intuitive and easy to use and has many advanced features and functions. The help files are built into the App.

If you like the App, kindly leave us a good review. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at support@cellimagine.com and we will make it right.

The App works anywhere outdoors, including areas with no cell coverage. Only requirement is GPS coverage. It is compatible with all carriers.

We value your privacy and security. Speedo does NOT collect any personal data or requires connection to a server. No data plan or even a SIM card required! No monthly fees!

Accurately monitor and record several essential parameters with error rates of less than 2%. No calibration required.

Track and Mark your Trip/WayPoints. You can manually mark specific locations on a trip and save them to the SD card. This feature is useful if you need to mark specific locations on your trip.

In addition, you can automatically capture Trip/Waypoints and store vital parameters on the SD card. Mark your trip point at regular time intervals and save them to the SD card. Configurable sampling interval and tracking duration. Trip files have easily recognizable and unique names based on the time of creation.

Create unlimited Trip Files in KML (Google Earth) and GPX formats. Download your trip files your computer and view/plot them on Google Earth for plotting or sophisticated computer analysis.

All cellphone functions are available while the App runs in the background.

FEATURES: Speedo supports 20+ functions:

Large pleasing and realistic, easy to read graphics display.

Track and Mark your Trip/WayPoints - manually or automatically


Trip Files have built in “callout” that shows detailed of each waypoint.

Trip/Waypoints points now captured as both GPX and KML files.


Trip files have easy names based on timestamps.

Unlimited trip file capability.

Screen ON Option to prevent App from going to sleep.


Automatic Screen rotation based on device orientation.

Does not need data service or cellular coverage

Units of Measurement: English and Metric


Increased Speedometer range: 0 to 999

Increased Odometer range: 0 to 99999


Display shows Average Speed

Persist User Settings, Odometer and Elapsed Timer on power off.

Complete GPS measurements, including Vertical distance (Elevation gain), Grade, Direction/Heading.


Speed range:

Change measurement units on the fly

SUPPORTED DEVICES: All device running Android® OS 2.1 or higher. Built in GPS and Touchscreen required.

Please contact info@Cellimage.com if you have any questions.


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