The program base on GPS data and displays the speed analog and digital. Additionally more infomations will be displayed. There is a compass and a stop watch built in. You can set different modes: Walker/Sail Boat, Bicycle, Moped, Car, Airplane. The Unit can be set for Kph, mph, m/s or knots (kn). You can use it for different vehicles.

Technical Data:


-View Mode: Walker/Sail Boat, Bicycle, Moped, Car, Airplane

-Display: GPS available, Longitude, Latitude, Altitude

-Max-speeds: 14, 23, 70, 210, 420 in setting unit


-Analog, digital

-Saves automatically the last display

-Unit: km/h, MPH, m/s or kn (Knots)


-Stop watch

-Trip distance

-Start button: Reset Trip distance, Start Stop watch


-Compass: based on GPS data

-Point of the Compass in N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE and in °

-Device does not turn off while the program is running


-Map with your position as single window and round view in display and

-Send your position as eMail or SMS


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