SpellMe English Spelling Test

【免費教育App】SpellMe English Spelling Test-APP點子

This is the partner app to the full SpellMe app - also available on Google Play for less than £1.

The full version has loads more words for each test and also additional test types - including commonly misspelled words and the soon to be released WIKI TEST - contribute your own words that you find difficult to a peoples spelling test.....this is unique and not to be found in any other spelling app on the Android Marketplace.

(Note: all words suggestions will be checked before they are added to the WIKI TEST so that any naughty! words will be filtered out....)

SpellMe is a simple easy to use free English spelling practice/English spelling test app written by an experienced teacher - first written for my own children and pushed out to a wider audience....

Take the top 5000 word challenge - how far can you go spelling the top 5000 words used in the English written language before you make a mistake......compete with other players....try to get the network high score!

SpellMe aims to boost spelling skills for everyone young or old. This app uses words that are used in the English Primary SAT tests given to 11 year old's (Key Stage Two). There are various spelling practice drills in the app and all of the words have been commonly used in the SAT spelling papers.

The app also contains a test of words taken from the top 5000 words used in written English. These words account for approximately 95% of all written English texts - so if you can use this app to learn how to spell these - you've got it pretty much covered!!!

This APP does not promote any products other than those produced by MATSOFT

This app is ideal for preparing your children to sit the SAT tests - and for honing your own spelling skills!

The additional tests such as the top 5000 words make this app useful for anyone wanting to improve their English spelling skills.

No frills - no adverts for anyone else's product- no gimmicks - just plenty of spelling practice on the types of words that get tested.

【免費教育App】SpellMe English Spelling Test-APP點子

【免費教育App】SpellMe English Spelling Test-APP點子

【免費教育App】SpellMe English Spelling Test-APP點子

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